Inkspot Magazine Interview Phantom Artist Glenn Lumsden

Appearing on the digital magazine website Issuu, we find 2 editions of Inkspot magazine which contain a 2 part interview with Phantom artist Glenn Lumsden.

Uploaded by the publisher of Inkspot magazine, the Australian Cartoonists’ Association page provides us with the opportunity to read digital version of Inkspot.

Found spread across Inkspot edition numbers 94 and 95 is an interview conducted by Daniel Best titled ‘Lummo & Bear’, with Phantom comic strip and cover artist Glenn Lumsden being interviewed, alongside artist David Heinrich. Glenn’s amazing art is found on the cover of edition number 94 as can be seen below, which contains the first part of the interview.

These Inkspot editions were published in 2021/22, however to read their content a hardcopy of the magazines was required. Now that the magazines have been uploaded by the Australian Cartoonists’ Association, those who don’t subscribe to the magazine have an opportunity to read them on their screen.

Part 1 of the interview is found in edition number 94 from page 20 thru to page 27, with part 2 of the interview found in the following edition, number 95 from page 26 thru to page 32. A number of illustrations of the Phantom are published alongside the interview, specifically those published by Marvel and Frew Publications, whom Glenn has either worked with or is still working with.

We gain an interesting insight into Glenn’s work within the comic book industry, both in Australia and internationally. We also read about Glenn’s opinion and argument for what he believes the Phantoms costume should be colored.

The interview conducted by Daniel Best is well constructed and written, with Glenn’s insights, opinions and thoughts gained through years of experience very evident. It also opens our eyes to the work and effort put in by creators to produce the comic books which appears on our retail shelves periodically.

To read part 1 of the interview in Inkspot edition number 94, click HERE

To read part 2 of the interview in Inkspot edition number 95, click HERE