Before there was Superman, Batman & Spider ManThere was The Phantom!

In The Beginning…

The Phantoms Greater Popularity Outside USA

Although the Phantom has been published extensively in both newspapers and comic book series, the Phantom seems to resonate on a greater level with fans outside of America, most notably Australia, Sweden, Brazil and various European countries. ‘The Phantom: Why Has America Ignored This Proto-Superhero?’, written by Joe Douglas, gives us an interesting insight into […]

The Phantom On CBR’s Top 10 List

The Phantom makes an appearance on CBR’s ‘The 10 Oldest Comic Book Superheroes (Who Aren’t From DC Or Marvel)’. Written by Angelo Delos Trinos and published on the CBR website, we see a list of comic book superheroes who predate characters such as Superman and Spider-Man and who don’t belong to the DC or Marvel […]

Fantomen’s Publisher Changes Name

The publisher of Fantomen in Sweden have a new trading name. Previously know as Egmont Publishing, the new trading name is Story House Egmont. The following press release was issued on the 4th of January, 2021 by Story House Egmont. To reflect the significant business development that the division has gone through in recent years, […]

Peter Kingston’s ‘Wunderkabinett’

Currently running at the S.H. Ervin Gallery in Sydney, Australia is an exhibition titled ‘First Light: The Art of Peter Kingston’. The exhibition features work by renowned Australian artist, Peter Kingston. Amongst more traditional art we would expect to see at an art gallery (paintings, sketches, sculptures, prints, etc.), we also see a cabinet titled […]

NECA Figures Sneak Peak

Initially unveiled at the New York Toy Fair held in the US in February 2020, NECA have provided The Fwoosh a sneak peak of 3 figures in their Defenders of the Earth toy line-up. The Fwoosh give us a look at the Phantom, Flash Gordon, and Ming the Merciless figures, with sculpting and package art […]

Bollywoods Phantom Movie Adaptation Cast’s The Lead Role

Exciting news has been reported by FILMFARE, we see an update to the Vasan Bala’s Bollywood adaptation of the Phantom movie currently in production in India. Online sources from India are reporting that the lead role of the Phantom has been cast. FILMFARE are reporting: According to sources, we hear that KARTIK AARYAN has signed […]


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