Regal Publishers Phantom Comic #30

The India based publisher, Regal Publishers, have listed for order their next instalment of Phantom comic, edition number 30.

Available for pre-order, the 96 page comic published in full color gloss pages will features 2 Phantom comic strip stories, ‘Return of the Thuggees‘ and ‘The Ship Wreckers‘. The comic is due for release on the 10th of May, 2023.

The vibrant and dramatic art for the comic cover is by the talented Ankit Mitra, as can be seen below. Another job well done, not only on the theme of the art created, but also the shade and color work.

As seen with Regal Publishers previous Phantom comic books, a free inclusion is normally provided, with this edition being no different. This time around, we see a black and white print being provided free of charge, the image found on the front cover of this edition. The black and white print is designed to be colored by the new owner, creating a unique color version of the art you can call your own.

The read the full pre-order listing on Regal Publishers website, click HERE