Phantom Comic #8 By Shakti Comics

Phantom Comic #8 has been made available for pre-order by Indian publisher Shakti Comics.

The comic will contain the Phantom story ‘Luck & Wealth‘, written by Lee Falk and illustrated by Sy Barry. Published in full color, the comic will contain 40 gloss pages with cover art by Avishek Biswas. Due for release on the 15th of April 2023, the comic will be sold in a variety of languages, English, Hindi and Bengali.

variant cover edition has also be announced, illustrated by Lou Manna and colored by Avishek Biswas. This edition will only be released in English, containing the same Phantom comic strip as the regular edition. The front cover of this variant can be seen above.

Both the regular and variant editions will also come with a complimentary ‘Standee‘, with a different standee on offer depending on which comic is purchased, either Old Moz or Devil. Below we see Shakti Comics advertisements featuring the regular issue (seen on the left) and the variant edition (seen on the right).

Shakti Comics have continued their Phantom standee’s series and continue to have a bit of fun with them, promoting them as ‘Cute Moz Standee‘ or ‘Cute Devil Standee‘. The characters are seen in a ‘caricature‘ style, with a black disc base used to hold the paper figure in an upright position. These standees follow those offered with the prior edition which also saw Phantom storyline characters featured across 2 different standees.

To view Phantom Comic #8 on the Shakti Comics website, click HERE