Phantom 2040 – A comic Book TV Show To Watch

Appearing on the It’s A Stampede! website, we read a blog post by Alex Wiggan titled 101 Best Comic Book TV Shows To Watch.

Alex reminds us of the myriad of comic book based TV shows which have been produced since the 1950s, and possibly introduces us to a few which we may not of heard of before. The themes of TV shows highlighted in the blog post are very broad, ranging from horror to super heroes and everything in between.

The 1994 produced Phantom 2040 tops Alex’s list. He writes in the post:

First up is a futuristic animated series from the 1990s, which often gets overlooked. The show – Phantom 2040 – is a cartoon loosely based around Lee Falk’s popular purple-clad superhero, The Phantom.

Set in Metropia in the year 2040, the series follows the story of Kit Walker Jr., the 24th hero to don the Phantom costume. In the show, Walker uses high tech gadgets, as well as his own skills, to battle evil and fight injustice.

Originally airing from the 18th of September, 1994 thru to the 3rd of March, 1996, Phantom 2040 contains 35 separate episodes which are individually titled. It still remains a favorite amongst Phantom fans. The introduction for each episode commenced with the below clip:

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