The Phantom Ray Moore Omnibus by Mythos Editora

The Brazilian based Mythos Editora have announced the release of a new Phantom comic book, titled ‘O Fantasma Omnibus Ray Moore – O Circulo Dourado & Outras Historias‘.

Translating to ‘The Phantom Omnibus Ray Moore – The Golden Circle & Other Stories‘, the hardcover paperback will contain 684 pages and measure 17cm x 26cm, with black and white pages found within the comic book. Text will be printed in Portuguese.

The pre-sale advertisement on Mythos Editora’s website doesn’t outline what comic strip stories will feature in the book as yet, however it’ll obviously feature classic Lee Falk and Ray Moore comic strip stories, with at least one of the stories found in the title of the Omnibus, ‘The Golden Circle‘.

The following description is found on the advertisement:

The Phantom Saga continues in yet another historic Omnibus volume, closing the first major tale cycle of Lee Falk’s hero, drawn by the artist who consolidated it: the iconic Ray Moore! Follow the adventures of the Spirit-Walking, his troubled romance with Diana, the evildoers he defeats and the criminal empires he annihilates in 684 classic and unmissable pages for all fans to treasure for generations!

The front cover of O Fantasma Omnibus Ray Moore – O Circulo Dourado & Outras Historias can be seen above. This book will be the 3rd Omnibus to be released by Mythos Editora featuring the Phantom. The first two editions were released in 2022, the first featuring Ray Moore illustrated stories, with the second featuring Sy Barry illustrated stories.

A sample of internal pages can be seen below:

Pre-Orders for the comic book are currently open, with estimated delivery due in May, 2023.

To read the full advertisement on the Mythos Editora website, click HERE