Dollar Bin Bandits Interview Phantom Artist Sy Barry

Posted a few hours ago on YouTube, we find an interesting interview conducted by the team at Dollar Bin Bandits featuring Phantom comic strip artist, Sy Barry.

The description we read on the Dollar Bin Bandits account on YouTube is:

We interview your favorite veteran comics creators, and opine about the stories and characters of our youth. You never know what treasure you’ll find with the #dollarbinbandits!

The almost one hour long interview with Sy Barry is given a description on YouTube as:

Here’s a testament to Sy Barry’s artistic longevity: he started his career as an inker for Timely Comics (before it became Marvel) and National Comics (before it became DC). That’s right, he’s been in the game since before Marvel and DC existed! Though he’s worked on hundreds of comic books and comic strips, he’s most well known for his three decades of work (1961 – 1994) on The Phantom strip. Talk about a lifetime achievement!

Oren and guest bandit Bob Kroll dig into Sy’s career with the wonder and reverence it deserves.

The interview is not only insightful and informative, but certainly very interesting to hear Sy Barry himself talk about his amazing tenure on illustrating the Phantom for so many year.

A job well done by the team at Dollar Bin Bandits!!!