PulpFest Interview Phantom Artist Douglas Klauba

Appearing on the PulpFest website on the 13th of February 2023, we read an interesting interview conducted by Craig McDonald featuring artist Douglas Klauba.

The interview is part of the PulpFest Profiles series posted on their website titled PulpFest Profile — Douglas Klauba and the Great Heroes, which “focus on contemporary creators who have drawn inspiration from these rough-paper fiction magazines“.

The commencement of the post published informs us that “Artist Douglas C. Klauba has depicted many of the great popular heroes of the 20th Century, including a host of pulp magazine titans“.

Among the comic book characters discussed in the interview, Craig McDonald questions Douglas Klauba on his work on the Phantom:

You’ve had many powerful illustrations built around The Phantom. Is there anything on the horizon with this character?

Douglas Klauba’s replay is:

Well, there always seems to be something in the works with The Phantom. Because of the multiple license holders, I never know where I’ll land. There has been a rumored Art of The Phantom book in the works from a publisher, but I am unsure where that is at the moment. Last year I was honored with creating a cover for the 2022 Phantom Diary from Mallon Publishing in Australia. It’s a sought-after collectible every year that it’s released, and Nola Mallon was gracious to put a focus on me for the 2022 edition. I accept commissions of The Phantom throughout the year, and at the moment I am designing a collectible coin. Which I am pretty excited about!

A nice mention by Douglas Klauba that he’s working on a new Phantom collectible coin, which seem to be a favored item to collect among Phantom phans.

To read the full interview on the PulpFest website, click HERE