Håkon Aasnes – Norway’s Largest Cartoons

A book featuring Norwegian artist Håkon Aasnes is currently available for purchase in Norway.

Published by Egmont in Norway, the hardcover book features Håkon Aasnes‘ 50 year career in comic art, who celebrates his 80th Birthday on the 13th of February, 2023. The book contains 80 pages, titled ‘Håkon Aasnes – Norges Største Tegneserieskaper‘ which translates to ‘Aåkon Aasnes – Norway’s Largest Cartoons‘.

Egmont describe the book as:

No other Norwegian cartoonist has such breadth and variety in production as Håkon Aasnes. And no one has lasted that long. Aasnes has drawn and written several of Norway’s most popular and popular series:

No. 91 Stomperud, Smørbukk, Phantom, Donald Duck and the Olsen gang. He has also created his own popular series such as Seidel and Tobram, Vi på Eiketun, Annika and Hanna, to name a few.

This book presents a wide selection of Håkon Aasnes’ work from his more than 50 years as a professional cartoonist. In text and with illustrations, he is praised for his creations by a number of comics connoisseurs and collaborators over the years.

Håkon Aasnes briefly worked on the Phantom, illustrating a story for Fantomet number 10 published in 1982 in Norway, titled ‘Revealed‘ which was written by Eirik Ildahl.

Håkon Aasnes – Norges Største Tegneserieskaper front cover can be seen above, with the Phantom featured on the front cover amongst a variety of other comic book characters Håkon Aasnes has worked on.

Håkon Aasnes – Norges Største Tegneserieskaper is available for purchase HERE