The Phantom Official Game

Appearing today, we see The Phantom Official Game being announced by Melbourne, Australia based digital game producer Art of Play.

Reading the Art of Play website, the team describe themselves as:

Art Of Play is a game development studio trusted with some of the biggest brands in entertainment. We make high quality games across all platforms and have earned a reputation for creativity, delivery and reliability.

Working with highly recognized brands such as Marvel, Disney, Hasbro, Sony Pictures Animation and Smiggle, Art of Play have produced a myriad of digital games for well known household characters including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider Man, SpongeBob SquarePants, Transformers, Star Wars and many more.

Not a great deal of details has been proved about The Phantom Official Game as yet. The King Features Syndicate licensed game will be available over a variety of gaming platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Play Station, Xbox and Steam.

The Art of Play website gives us the following description on The Phantom Official Game:

Art Of Play is excited to announce the first official licensed game for The Ghost Who Walks: The Phantom since the Super Nintendo in 1995! The Phantom will be a completely hand drawn and painted 2D side scrolling action beat-em-up launching in 2024!

As noted above, launch of The Phantom Official Game is currently set for 2024.

The team at Chronicle Chamber have announced that they’ll be speaking with the games Project Director via a podcast due for release over the next week. Keep an eye out on their website HERE, which I’m sure will shed further light on the The Phantom Official Game.

The Phantom Official Game looks like an amazing project, and congratulations must be extended to both King Features Syndicate and Art of Play for coming together and producing a product which will expose the character to an audience which may of not of heard of the Phantom. The platforms The Phantom Official Game is set to be featured on will certainly bring awareness to the character, and hopefully introduce a little intrigue and curiosity amongst players to further explore the Phantom and his fascinating world.

Lets hope the momentum continue by King Features Syndicate!!!

To visit The Phantom Official Game website, click HERE

To visit the Art of Play website, click HERE