Phantom Fan Art Action Figure

Available on an Etsy shop page, we see a Phantom figure under the heading of ‘PLAKIT Fan Art Action Figure 3D Phantom’.

Unlicensed by King Features Syndicate, the fan produced Phantom figure measures 10cm in height, however a custom size is an option upon request.

The figure is produced from resin and are being sold in a variety of finishes:

  • Without Coloring
  • Base Coloring
  • Custom Coloring

Reading the advertisement on Etsy, a high level of customization is provided by the seller. As noted above, size and color variations can be chosen by the purchaser, with the price of the figure adjusting accordingly based on the level of customization.

The figure can also be purchased unassembled, with the Etsy shop page noting: to be glued with simple quick-setting glue: two-component glue, UV resin glue.

The figure certainly makes for a fun project if purchased uncolored. Also, it’s a great opportunity to have your favorite artist paint the Phantom figure for you, creating a unique one-off Phantom collectible.

Dispatched from Italy, worldwide shipping is available.

Further information on the PLAKIT Fan Art Action Figure 3D Phantom can be found HERE