Phantom Artist: Felmang

The Felmang name and art style is certainly well known amongst Phantom phans throughout the world.

The Italian artist has a long career within the comic book industry, including his huge body of work on the Phantom. His wide range of artistic skills range from illustrating comic covers to illustrating full comic strip stories.

Felmang has worked with multiple publishers throughout his career across a variety of countries:

  • Fratelli Spada in Italy
  • Globa Editora in Brazil
  • Editions des Remparts in France
  • Frew Publications in Australia
  • Semic in Hungary
  • Wolf Publishing in UK
  • Semic/Egmont in Sweden
  • Comics Review in USA

A sample of Felmangs comic strip story art can be seen below, in both black and white and color.

A sample of Felmangs comic cover illustrations can be seen below.

Felmangs Phantom art is very true to the character and his style is not only easily recognizable, but due to it’s vibrancy and creativity, it’s beautiful art to view.

In 1967, Felmang created his own comic book characters, Silman the Frogman and Keen Suman, both successfully published in Italy. He both wrote the stories and illustrated the comic strips found within the comic books.

A big thank you to Roy Felmang for providing the above images.