Defenders of the Earth Sell Sheet by King Features Syndicate

Released by King Features Syndicate amongst their various syndicated comic book characters for 2022, we see the Defenders of the Earth team-up.

The Sell Sheet is found on King Features Syndicate’s website, promoting Defenders of the Earth as a separate licensing option. Traditionally, we find The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Flash Gordon and their respective support characters as stand-alone licensing characters.

We now see King Features Syndicate offering Defenders of the Earth as an option to syndicate the characters found within the team-up under one agreement. This concept gives those who wish to create products such as merchandise, comics, animation, etc. an amazing opportunity to feature all characters together, without the need to take out separate licenses and production agreements.

The Defenders of the Earth Sell Sheet can be seen above, with King Features Syndicate not only giving us a brief description of the various characters team-up, but also how/where the characters can be found, such as YouTube, with NECA‘s figure release in 2021 and 2022 also noted.

The one syndication offering of the various characters under the Defenders of the Earth umbrella is a positive move by King Features Syndicate. It’s certainly a good indication that they see a path for the team-up to make headway in the future as a grouping.

It also opens up the availability for creative merchandising and production companies to use the team-up as a collaboration, creating an amazing opportunity to expose the main characters of the group, including the Phantom, to possibly new audiences.