The Phantom Never Dies Podcast

The Phantom Never Dies is an upcoming audio documentary podcast showcasing the Phantom and his many facets, including his history and place in pop-culture fandom.

The podcast is part of the Nova Podcasts series (based in Brisbane, Australia), hosted by Maria Lewis, with Elise Cooper sitting in the Producers chair. Below we see Maria and Elise in the recording studio, Maria on the left behind the microphone (with both ladies sporting their magnificent Phantom t-shirts).

Maria informs us on social media that the series has been in production for the past year, overcoming unforeseen hurdles thrown their way by the pandemic gripping the world.

Nova Podcasts describe the The Phantom Never Dies series as:

Who was the first superhero? Join pop-culture expert and award-winning author Maria Lewis as she dives deep into the life, times, and truly buck-wild story of the most famous superhero you’ve never heard of; The Phantom.

A promotional video was posted on social media yesterday, which has been receiving positive attention, advertising the upcoming release of The Phantom Never Dies podcast.

The first episode of the audio documentary podcast is due for release on the 15th of February 2022, with new episodes released over the coming 6 weeks.

You can listen to the The Phantom Never Dies podcast either on Nova Brisbane’s website, or other podcast platforms such as Spotify. Ensure to subscribe to not miss any episodes as they’re being released.

Well done to Maria Lewis, Elise Cooper and the team at Nova Podcasts for producing The Phantom Never Dies, it looks like an informative and fun production which will hopefully not only excite existing Phantom Phans, but create new ones!!!