Lee Falk’s Phantom By Christian Blees

Appearing on the Edition Alfons website, based in Germany, we see a Phantom reference book available for pre-order, titled Lee Falk’s Phantom.

Written by Christian Blees and published by the graphics literature publishing house Edition Alfons, Lee Falk’s Phantom contains a publishing history of the Phantom in Germany.

It will highlight the various edits found in German Phantom comic books, albums and paperback books caused by their respective editors, communicating a varying story to that intended from it’s original format.

Due for release on the 20th of June, 2022, the softcover book will measure 17cm x 24cm and contain 244 pages in full color. Text will be in German language. The front cover of Lee Falk’s Phantom can be seen above.

A sample of internal pages can be found on the Edition Alfons pre-order site, the front cover of Lee Falk’s Phantom can be seen above.

The description found on the Edition Alfons website includes:

For the first time in German, Christian Blees’ book tells the publication history of the fascinating hero and goes into detail about the various sources on which the editions published in this country are based. In addition, numerous examples are used to explain how individual editorial offices not only shortened or edited countless stories, but sometimes even completely falsified their content. Extensive, meticulously compiled lists also make it possible to unequivocally identify every story straight away. Lee Falk’s Phantom is a reference work not only for Phantom fans, but for anyone interested in comics.

Lee Falk’s Phantom can be pre-ordered HERE

A second version of Lee Falk’s Phantom is available, limited to just 199 editions worldwide, this version is the same as the one above, except it will contain a separate 48 page supplement of The Wedding (the 1977 Lee Falk and Sy Barry classic story where the Phantom marries Diana Palmer), in its unedited form.

The description found on the Edition Alfons website for this limited edition includes:

The special edition of the book, limited to 199 copies, comes with a special extra. The episode, Phantom Wedding from 1977/78, written by Lee Falk and drawn by Sy Barry, was only printed in a greatly abridged form in this country by Bastei Verlag. The iconic story was only published in its unabridged form in a few German daily newspapers, and the supplement to the deluxe edition of Lee Falk’s Phantom presents this version in its own 48-page booklet.

Lee Falk’s Phantom, limited edition, can be pre-ordered HERE