Phantom Sunday Comic Strip Features David Reddick Art

Published on the 30th of January, 2022, we find the Phantom Sunday Comic Strip published in our newspapers (or on-line at Comics Kingdom), drawn by Jeff Weigel and written by Tony DePaul, a continuation of the story, ‘The Ingenues’.

Within the panels of the comic strip, we find the story leading us to an art gallery, The Mawitaan Metropolitan Art Museum. On the walls of the art gallery, Jeff Weigel has cleverly featured Contemporary Art by David Reddick.

David Reddick is part of King Features Syndicate’s stable of artists, working on comic strips including Blondie, Garfield, Flash Gordon, Popeye,,, Legend of Bill and Intelligent Life.

He’s also well know for his Contemporary Art, holding a permanent art display at the Muskegon Museum Of Art in Michigan, USA. A small sample of David’s art can be seen below.

In the Phantom Sunday Comic Strip (shown above), Jeff Weigel has incorporated David’s vibrate and colorful art in the background of his panels.

Jeff has even shown David’s signature in one of the art pieces, and has noted in one of the comic panels that the paintings have been created by David Reddick.

The feature of David Reddick’s Contemporary Art in the Phantom Sunday Comic Strip is a very creative and innovative way to showcase a fellow artists work by Jeff Weigel.