Search For The Phantom Treasure Fundraiser

A fundraiser campaign has been started by Kelby Wooldridge, owner of Reapers’ Quest, based in Queensland, Australia.

The campaign is to gain financial support for the Search For The Phantom Treasure collectable. Information about the planned collectable can be seen above.

We read the following information on the campaigns page:

Hi Phans, for those of you who have been here since our beginning, we have wanted to get The Phantom Treasure up and running and working for the Phans. Not just those of you who have supported us by buying the rings and pendants that John Evans of Paramount Jewellers has designed and produced, but also our unique caps and beanies.

We have tried to be self-funded from our sales, but the last two years, like everyone, have hit us hard. While we have been delivering high-quality jewellery and headwear, we have also been working and planning the design and execution of this unique game. As soon as we came up with the idea we knew this is something we wanted to get out to the Phans. We have so much support and encouragement along the way that has meant the world to us.

With help from Glenn Ford for the artwork, KFS for the licensing, and our own contacts, we are just after the funding to get a prototype for everyone to see and hopefully want to purchase. After careful budgeting, we have come up with a figure of $40,000 AUD. This will cover licensing, legal costs, manufacturing, artwork, and fabrication along with the website needed.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for further details.

To read further on the fundraiser campaign, click HERE