Sy Barry’s Continued Love For Art

Written for The Eagle-Tribune in Massachusetts, USA by Madeline Hughes, we read a heartwarming article on long time Phantom artist Sy Barry.

Sy Barry, who worked on Phantom newspaper comic strips for over 33 years, continues to share his passion for art. As we read in the article titled, Comic Artist Continues Art, Sy Barry is now educating others on his artistic style, and even notes that he continues to learn the craft by conducting the classes.

“I find it amazing I’m learning from my teaching because I have to find a way to transfer my information into words”

Sy Barry, who is now 93 years young, conducts art classes at the Stone Hill retirement facility at Andover. His 80 plus years of experience in the art world makes him an ideal teacher.

“From the time I could hold a pencil in my hand I began drawing”

The article informs us that from the age of 17, Sy Barry was employed by publishers to complete small tasks and even assisted his older brother, Dan Barry with his work on Tarzan. Marvel and DC were Sy Barry’s next step on working on illustrating superheroes.

Sy Barry also notes that his family were extremally supportive of his work, especially considering the long hours and the tight deadlines seen in the publishing industry.

“My wife was beautiful and wonderful tolerating my work and deadlines all those years”

He also shares his wonder and surprise at how welcoming fans are around the globe of his work. The article talks about the various comic conventions he attended, including Australia and parts of Scandinavia and how well received he was as these events.

Moving into the digital age, Sy Barry’s son, David notes how his eyes were opened and exposed to the fact of how well loved his fathers work is, and how fans can now easily share such passion, which weren’t available at the time whilst growing up.

“Almost all I knew when I was young was he worked in the basement. It wasn’t until I joined a Phantom Facebook group I found out how big around the world this is”

The article also notes Sy Barry’s work on the Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story.

I didn’t realize the impact it would have until it was printed”

The article concludes with a beautiful quote by Sy Barry.

“As long as I can hold a pencil and brush I’m going to continue my art career”