A Era De Ouro Dos Quadrinhos By Mythos Editora

Mythos Editora, Brazilian based, have announced that they’ll be releasing a new ‘Golden Edition‘ book in January 2022, titled ‘A Era De Ouro Dos Quadrinhos‘.

Translating to ‘The Golden Age of Comics‘, the book will feature classic comic strips initially published by King Features Syndicate in newspapers. These characters include the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Prince Valiant, Popeye, Jungle Jim, Rip Kirby, Flash Gordon and many more.

Below we see a sample of an internal page, released by Mythos Editora, which features the Phantom.

A Era De Ouro Dos Quadrinhos will contain 268 pages and measure 20.5cm x 27.8cm, with black and white internal pages.

Pre-sales are currently open on the Mythos Editora website. Further information can be found HERE