New Phantom & Devil Statue By Iron Studios

Iron Studios, based in Brazil, have opened pre-orders for their statue featuring the Phantom and Devil.

Due for release in the third quarter of 2022, the Phantom statue has been produced by Iron Studios and is fully licensed by King Features Syndicate.

The 1/10 scale statue measures 25cm in height, 14cm in width and 13cm in depth and weighs 780g. Produced in resin, the Phantoms belt buckle is made of metal and his belt in leather.

Iron Studios describe the statue as:

On a hillside amidst greenery deep in the fictional jungles of Bangalla in equatorial Africa, the imposing secular purple figure sharpens your senses as the drums of the Bandar pygmies, his allies, are heard. Alongside his faithful companion Devil, the relentless fighter of the Singh pirates and all the villains watches and prepares with his two .45 caliber pistols in hand, the light reflecting off the metal of his belt buckle, leather in the shape of a skull, his hallmark.

Iron Studios proudly presents one of the greatest comic book classic heroes in its statue “The Phantom Deluxe – Art Scale 1/10 – The Phantom”, the first fictional hero masked and uniformed in a skin-tight costume that has become a hallmark of superheroes in comics!

With a base adorned with the mark of Good and Skull, symbols of the Phantom, faithful to the smallest detail, with the Skull and Mark of Good rings on the hero’s hands, the Phantom is one of the first classic comic book heroes featured as a statue by Iron Studios.

Although we see the Defenders of the Earth logo at the base of the images provided by Iron Studios, the appearance is designed on the actual/original image of the Phantom, especially considering that the Phantom lost his stripped trunks in the Defenders of the Earth series.

A beautifully created statue of the Phantom and Devil, a piece which would certainly add appeal to any Phantom collection.

Additional information on the Phantom and Devil statue on offer by Iron Studios are found HERE