New NECA Phantom Figure

FWOOSH give us a sneak peak of the upcoming Phantom figure due for release by NECA, alongside Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless.

The second versions of the Phantom, Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless will be released by NECA, following the Defenders of the Earth figures which were released in February this year.

NECA have provided FWOOSH with the figures due for release to showcase on their website, including the packaging. The figures are due to appear on the NECA website over the coming days.

Below we see the figures in their packaging.

We see the Phantom in his traditional costume, with stripped trunks and a belt and gun holsters, two features not seen on the first version of the Defenders of the Earth Phantom figure by NECA.

The figure also comes with interchangeable hands, a pair of guns, a whip, 2 gun blaster effect attachments and glow in the dark eyes. A skull head is also provided in the pack, which can be interchanged with the Phantoms head.

The figure is due for release in January 2022.

Further images on the 3 figures can be seen on the FWOOSH website HERE

NECA’s website can be found HERE