The Phantom Action Figure By NECA Out Now

The Original Superheroes Figure Toy range by NECA is now available to collect.

Following the announcement by NECA back in November, 2021 of a new Phantom action figure, the figure is now available for purchase in Walmart stores in USA.

This second versions of the Phantom, Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless by NECA follows the Defenders of the Earth figure range which were released in February, 2021.

Posted by TOYSHIZ on social media, we see the Phantom figure on a Walmart store shelf in Virginia, being sold alongside Flash Gordon, in a ‘Ultimate Action Figures‘ display tray.

Photo Credit: TOYSHIZ

The figure is packaged with an array of accessories, including interchangeable hands, a pair of guns, a whip, 2 gun blaster effect attachments and glow in the dark eyes. A skull head is also provided in the pack, which can be interchanged with the Phantoms head.

The front and back of the packaging can be seen below.

At time of writing, the figure wasn’t available to purchase online from Walmart or NECA’s official websites.