Phantom 2040 Video Game

Appearing on the What Culture website, the Phantom 2040 video game makes an appearance in their article titled 10 Perfect Video Games (You’ve Never Heard Of), published on the 13th of November, 2021.

A positive review is provided by Danny Meegan of the Phantom 2040 video game, originally released in 1995:

We may be living in the golden age of superhero video games thanks to world-class dev teams like Insomniac and Rocksteady, but that far-off land of the 1990s still had the occasional standout title in the comic-book realm.

Based on an obscure French-American animated series (which was based on an equally-obscure comic-book hero), Phantom 2040 is, for lack of a more elegant term, the absolute bee’s knees. You play as the title character, a costumed crime-fighter operating in the futuristic city of Metropia, battling mechs, robot insects, and perhaps the most evil villain of all… a faceless corporation.

With Metroid-style exploration and a totally banging soundtrack, Phantom 2040 is a quintessential ’90s side-scroller, though it also manages to feel ahead of its time by incorporating player choice and multiple endings – around two-dozen, in fact.

It may lack originality, but everything it does, it does perfectly. The game is also elevated by the awesome, cyberpunk-y vibe of The Phantom IP – and unlike a certain other cyberpunk, this one won’t glitch out on you every five minutes.

The Phantom 2040 video game opening scene can be seen below.

The Phantom 2040 video game was also advertised on our television screens.

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