The Australian Women’s Mirror Phantom Cover

The Phantom comic strip made its first appearance in Australia on the 1st of September 1936, only 8 months after the Phantom first appeared in USA newspapers. In The Australian Woman’s Mirror on page 49, in Volume 12, Number 41, we see a full page Phantom comic strip, the commencement of ‘The Singh Brotherhood’.

The page containing the first Phantom comic strip from this edition can be seen below.

In 1938 (from May 1938 to September 1940), The Australian Woman’s Mirror published a 5 comic book series solely dedicated to the Phantom. The Phantom books were sold at newsagents and via mail-away direct from The Australian Woman’s Mirror. The front covers can be seen below.

The Phantom also featured on the front cover of an edition of The Australian Woman’s Mirror. On this rare occasion, we see a Phantom comic strip printed on the cover of The Australian Woman’s Mirror released on the 31st of March 1948.

Traditionally, The Australian Woman’s Mirror published Phantom comic strips within the magazine, with the cover containing a feature image relating to an article found within the magazine. However, on this edition, the Phantom was published on the cover.

Below we see the front and back covers of this edition.

All the above editions pre-date Frew Publications releasing their Phantom comic book series in Australia, with number 1 released by Frew Publications on the 9th of September 1948, approximately 5 months after the above magazine.