The Australian Woman’s Mirror

The Phantom comic strip made its first appearance in Australia on the 1st of September 1936, in The Australian Woman’s Mirror in Volume 12, Number 41, a full page feature on page 49.

In the edition prior to the one above, a small advertisement appeared on page 49 preparing readers for the Phantom’s arrival, “Who Is The Phantom?” as seen below.

Phantom Books

In 1938 (from May 1938 to September 1940), the Australian Woman’s Mirror ran a 5 comic book series solely dedicated to the Phantom. The front and back covers can be seen below.

Announcement by The Woman’s Mirror of the release of the Phantom comic’s.

They were simply called ‘The Phantom Book’ by The Australian Woman’s Mirror as seen in the advertisements below.

Various other advertisements were seen in The Australian Woman’s Mirror, mainly updating their reading audience on the progress of the release of the Phantom Books.

There was even a coloring-in competition in the first edition with 12,000 entries sent into The Australian Woman’s Mirror.

We see the solutions to the Crossword Puzzle in edition number three printed in The Australian Woman’s Mirror.

Make A Phantom Acrobat – 1938

Knitting The Phantom – 1946

Comic Cover Page – 1946

In July 1946, The Australian Woman’s Mirror printed a cover page for those compiling Phantom comic strips into a ‘book of clippings’.

Frew Publications Advertisement – 1950