O Fantasma #10 By Mythos Editora

O Fantasma #10, published by Mythos Editora in Brazil is now available for PURCHASE.

Titled ‘The Phantom Terrorists Terrorists!’, O Fantasma #10 contains 52 pages, published in full color and is illustrated by Graham Nolan and written by Tony DePaul.

Mythos Editora describe the storyline as:

There is a new danger lurking in the streets of Mawitaan: Chatu, a very dangerous terrorist who goes by the nickname “The Python”. The bandit planted numerous bombs in the Bangalla Government Center, threatening to blow the place up if people are alerted and the place evacuated. The Phantom will need to use all his wits to face this terrorist and save the hostages! And, after this grueling mission, the ghost who walks will take a well-deserved vacation with Diana. However, there is no respite for the hero, who will break up a gang that forces slaves to dig for the legendary Stone of Simbad!

We also see a beautiful cover which seems to pay tribute to a familiar comic book cover most Phantom fans would recognize. Below, on the left, we see the newly released O Fantasma comic book (number 10), whilst on the right, we see the Gold Key edition (number 11) illustrated by George Wilson in 1965.