Crônicas do Fantasma #6 By Mythos Editora

Crônicas do Fantasma #6, published by Mythos Editora in Brazil, is now available for PRE-ORDER.

We saw the first edition in this series released by Mythos Editora back in 2019, with an edition being released sporadically since then. This sixth edition is noted as being released this month (June, 2021) on Mythos Editora’s website.

We also see the title on the front cover ‘Na Mira do Conde Pharos!’ which translates to ‘In The Sight of Count Pharos’. We find Count Pharos in the classic Phantom story by Lee Falk, ‘The Mysterious Girl’, nicely illustrated by Ray Moore.

The story is translated to Portuguese from English, containing 100 pages in black and white. We see the outside cover in full color with images drawn by Ray Moore. We even find the cover image in the comic strip of ‘The Mysterious Girl’.

This sixth edition in the series, produced by Mythos Editora, looks to be another beautiful comic book in their ongoing stable of Phantom publications.