Regal Publishers Phantom Comics #11 & #12

Regal Publishers, based in India, have announced the release of Phantom comic numbers 11 and 12, plus Mandrake the Magician number 1, set for release on the 28th of April, 2021. The release date of these 3 editions will coincide with Lee Falks Birthday, born on the 28th of April, 1911 creating both characters.

The Phantom series published by Regal Publishers commenced in August 2020, with this edition of Mandrake the Magician set to be the first, of hopefully many more editions yet to come. The comics are published in full color.

Phantom comic numbers 11 and 12 will contain a total of 4 stores, 2 stories per comic:

  • Waterman
  • The Albee
  • The Vanished Village
  • Terror At The Opera

Mandrake the Magician number 1 will contain 2 stories:

  • The Swarm
  • Dr. Holton’s Reputation

A nice touch by Regal Publishers is to feature Lee Falk on the cover of Phantom comic number 12.

As seen above, the comics are accompanied by various free inclusions. These are:

  • Lee Falk Mini-Poster
  • A Phantom Card
  • A Mandrake the Magician Sticker

Regal Publishers can be contacted via email –