Phantom Movie Petition.

A creative initiative has been undertaken by the team at Chronicle Chamber, asking Phantom fans to sign an online petition, on whether or not it’s time for a new Phantom movie.

The petition reads:

Why has there only ever been one The Phantom feature film?

The Phantom is the world’s first comic strip hero, an enduring figure whose syndicated strips have been published continuously for over 80 years since 1936. Popular with millions worldwide the legend of the Ghost Who Walks and the humanity of Kit Walker as a legacy hero has appealed to generations of readers. At its peak, the strip was read by over 100 million people daily, published in over 65 countries in comic or newspaper format with over 600 different newspapers publishing the stories daily.

Lee Falk’s The Phantom was the first fictional hero to wear the skintight costume which has become a hallmark of comic-book superhero. He was the first shown in a mask with no visible pupils (another superhero standard), and inspired comic book heroes such as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America – all of whom have appeared in multiple films and franchises.

And yet Billy Zane’s 1996 ‘The Phantom’ remains the only time we have ever seen the world’s greatest adventure story come to the big screen in a Hollywood production. It become a cult classic, popular the world over, with enormous numbers of DVD sales and television screenings.

In a recent exclusive interview with, Billy Zane expressed a keen desire to work for and feature in a new Phantom film. He wants this petition to succeed, and no one refuses The Phantom!

Let’s get the jungle drums beating: the time is right for the next Phantom movie!

The petition can be found and signed HERE

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