Bring Them To TV! Comic Book Characters Who Deserve A Second Chance.

By Ben Wright – 2nd November 2019 –

We’ve seen what can happen with second chances, look at Daredevil, look at The Punisher, an original flop doesn’t mean the end of the line. If done right the second time, that is! Now, full disclosure, I enjoy the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie, but you get the point. So many times, a studio will botch a much loved and respected property and we never see it again. But are the studios missing a trick? Should they be brave enough to take another punt at getting it right?

I have put together six shows that I think are calling out for a return to the small screen!

The Phantom

This is the one that prompted me to write this article. I was just reminiscing about the Billy Zane 90s cult-classic and I thought “Man, I’d love to see The Phantom back!”.

Growing up in the 90s, we didn’t have many great superheroes on TV or at the cinema. But one I remember fondly was The Phantom. Boy, do I love this movie! Yes, OK, watching it back after doing my film degree and understanding movies much better, it is massively camp and probably not as good as my childhood remembers. But it’s still a fun, silly watch. This would be one that would need to keep a little more of the lighthearted side of it, rather than going realistic or too dark. I wouldn’t set the show in the present, I would go one of two ways. First option? Set it in the original 30s-40s era and keep that Indiana Jones vibe. Secondly, you could pull from Phantom 2040 and have it set in the future! There is a lot of potential here, and I want to see the man in purple riding his white horse and brandishing his pistols one more time!

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