Superhero Video Games We Want to See.

By GrootIggy – September 23, 2019 –

Superhero video games are getting increasingly more popular but they’re still few and far between. In that pile of Spider-Man and Batman Arkham games there is a void brimming with potential just waiting to be explored. And milked just like many other big-time super-powered bad-asses. We’re not saying that we don’t want another entry in Rocksteady’s highly-acclaimed series, but these ten protagonists certainly deserve equal treatment in the spotlight.

At Number 4 – The Phantom

The Phantom is to this day one of the most well-received pulp comics and has a cult following unlike any other of his time. The idea of a supposed immortal crime fighter protecting the jungles of Africa from mercenaries and pirates doesn’t sound intimidating at first. But as the comics moved from the gold to the silver age, the character and his adventures matured with each new entry.

The idea could be simple, an open-world game that allows the player to protect multiple native villages, fighting bad guys with a plethora of gadgets, while exploring the lineage of the Phantom from multiple historical periods. The gameplay could be similar to that of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. The last two games in the series, Odyssey and Origins, established that big, lavish open worlds are definitely doable. Add all the gameplay elements of Ubisofts mega-franchise along with a touch of that old pulp action aesthetic, and the mix is just right for an enjoyable superhero video game.