Sounds Like Comics Ep 52 – The Phantom (Movie 1996).

Box office bomb or cult following? You decide. Slam evil!

Directed by Simon Wincer, The Phantom is the 1996 pulp superhero film based on Lee Falk’s comic strip of the same name. The screenplay is loosely inspired by the three Phantom stories, “The Singh Brotherhood”, “The Sky Band”, and “The Belt”. That Film Stew Podcast’s Luke and Comiczone’s Jae revist The Phantom – talking all things the seemingly immortal crimefighter and his battles against all forms of evil.

Kit Walker (Billy Zane) is the latest in a line of heroes known as The Phantom, whose powers are drawn from three ancient skulls, but now the Phantom’s enemies, the Pirates of the Sengh Brotherhood, have a new ally, the ruthless Xander Drax (Treat Williams).

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