Lion-Muthu Comics Phantom Comic #2

Announced on Social Media, Lion-Muthu Comics based in India will be releasing edition number 2 of their Phantom Comic series.

Lion Comics and Muthu Comics (separate comic brands) are published by Prakash Publishers, based in Sivakasi in the South of India. Prakash Publishers also publish comics under various brands, including Thigil ComicsMini-Lion and Junior-Lion. Comics are published in Tamil language.

Not yet listed on the Lion-Muthu Comics website, we’re given a sneak-peak on Social Media of the front and back cover, with cover art illustrated by Turkish artist Ertugrul Edirne. Also on the front cover is Muthu Comics logo.

Internal comic strips will be published in black and white, and will contain classic Phantom stories written by Lee Falk and illustrated by Sy Barry, translated from English to Tamil language.

This edition follows the first edition which was released by Lion-Muthu Comics in India earlier this year, under license by King Features Syndicate.

A release date is unclear at time of writing, keep an eye out on the Lion-Muthu Comics website for further information once it’s listed.

To visit the Lion-Muthu Comics website, click HERE