The Phantom Featuring In Die Sprechblase #247

The Phantom will feature in Die Sprechblase edition number 247, published by bsv Hanover in Germany.

Die Sprechblase, which translates to ‘The Speech Bubble‘ is a comic themed Magazine, published in full color measuring 29.5cm x 21cm. It contains a mix of informative articles and comic strip stories.

The Phantom is featured on the front cover, with an article on the history of the Phantom found within. The front cover can be seen above.

Advertisements for the Magazine note:

An issue full of highlights awaits you! On the occasion of three current publications, we roll up the history of the phantom. We’re also launching 2 unique comics: Blood on the Prairie and Doctor Faust.

In addition, of course, as always, other strong contributions, from the Swamp Thing to Ernie Pike, from Ertugrul to Udo Rahnke. There really is something for everyone.  

The release date for Die Sprechblase edition number 247 is advertised as the 20th of December 2022, with the front of the Magazine dated January 2023.

More information is found on the bsv Hanover website HERE