The Phantom 2023 Diary & Calendar By Mallon Publishing

Mallon Publishing, based in Victoria, Australia will be releasing a Phantom Diary and Calendar for 2023.

The Phantom Diaries hold a long standing tradition within Australia, with the first Diary released by Mallon Publishing in 1993. The publications are always of a high quality, not only in respect to the Diaries construction, but also the content found within, being highly resourceful and image rich.

Mallon Publishing give us a brief insight into what we should expect with the Phantom Diary for 2023:

Mr. Walker emerges from the shadows to play a leading role in this year’s production of Phantom collectibles from Mallon Publishing. Australian artist Jeremy Macpherson has created a striking illustration of Mr Walker and Devil keeping a lookout on the city streets. We can only guess at the backstory, but know that for the villain there will be no escape! Featured on the cover of the 2023 Phantom Diary, the image has been especially commissioned from the artist and is available as a limited-edition print to add to the limited prints from Sy Barry and Douglas Klauba offered with the last two diaries.

In regards to the Phantom Calendar for 2023:

Jeremy Macpherson has also produced an additional illustration for a Phantom calendar this year. Again featuring Mr. Walker, this time about to leap into action, the 2023 Phantom Calendar is devoted exclusively to the Phantom’s alter ego. We hope that you will be pleased to add these two new publications and the limited-edition print to your collections.

Mallon Publishing currently have the following 3 offers (which can be seen above):

  • The Phantom 2023 Diary – $50 + postage
    • Cased with concealed-wiro binding measuring trim 23cm x 17cm
    • Full colour 120 pages
  • The Phantom 2023 Calendar – $40 + postage
    • Soft cover measuring 18cm x 23cm
    • Full colour 24 pages
  • Limited Edition Print By Jeremy Macpherson – $100 + postage
    • Hand drawn, painted in inks and water colour
    • Printed on 270gsm archival stock paper
    • Limited to 100 copies
    • Each copy is hand signed and numbered by Jeremy Macpherson

Mallon Publishing is not only offering postage within Australia, but also to Europe and USA. A variety of payment options are available, including Bank Deposit, PayPal, Cheque and Money Order.

Mallon Publishing also have a limited supply of past year Diaries, for those who wish to fill gapes in their collection.

To contact Mallon Publishing direct to request an Order Form, email –