The Phantom Magazine By Comics Kingdom

Currently listed on the website, we find a Phantom digital comic strip series being released by Comics Kingdom.

Made available by Hearst Holdings Inc., King Features Syndicate Division the licensed owners of the Phantom, we find Comics Kingdom branding on the digital comic strips. We’re also notified that ‘Vintage Strips’ are being released.

Released on a monthly bases, 3 Volumes are currently available on the website. The Phantom stories found in these 3 Volumes are:

  • Volume 1 – The Singh Brotherhood – Part 1
  • Volume 2 – The Singh Brotherhood – Part 2
  • Volume 3 – The Sky Band

The description found accompanying all 3 Volumes is:

Get your Phantom fix! Before Batman, before The Shadow, before The Green Hornet and The Lone Ranger, the comics’ first masked mystery-man hero had long since been striking fear into the dark hearts of the wicked. Each monthly issue is packed with dozens of full color fan-favorite strips to enjoy.

All covers of the Phantom digital comic strip’s seem to follow the same format, with only the comic strip located at the base changing from Volume to Volume. An example of the covers can be seen below.

Each Volume can be purchased individually or a variety of subscription options are available.

To read more on this digital comic strip series on, click HERE