Phantom 2040 Archive By Joe Douglas

Created by Joe Douglas, we find an informative and resource filled online-site featuring the different facets of Phantom 2040, originally released in 1996. The title of the site is Phantom 2040 Archive.

Phantom 2040 is a French-American animated series that is based on the Phantom. The central character of the series is the 24th Phantom, airing on our televisions from the 18th of September, 1994 thru to the 3rd of March, 1996.

The information is broken down into a variety of categories, all found on the main feature page:

  • The Series
  • The Game
  • The Merch
  • The Characters
  • The Locations
  • The Phantom

When selecting the desired category you wish to explore, more selections and subtopics can be found, drilling in further on the specific information you wish to explore.

A variety of external links are found within the information, such as links to watch the full Phantom 2040 cartoon series on YouTube. General information links are also found to other resource rich Phantom related sites such as PhantomWiki and Chronicle Chamber.

The site is not only very informative and concise, but is easy to explore. It contains a good balance of images and content to ensure the loading of each page is quick and seamless when jumping from topic-to-topic.

It’s obvious that Joe has spent a tremendous amount of time and effort into pulling all the information together, exploring a variety of on-line resources to make it easy for the site visitor to access the desired information in a quick and easy manor.

Joe has been a long time fan of the Phantom (who also created the Chronicle Chamber website), so it’s very clear that the Phantom 2040 Archive has been created by a fan, with not only fellow Phantom fans as the target audience, but also an aim to shine a positive light on the world of Phantom 2040.

As noted by Joe on the main feature page, “Because someone has to care”… A massive Congratulations to Joe on creating Phantom 2040 Archive, a job well done!!!

Joe can be found on a variety of on-line locations, including on his WEBSITE, on TWITTER and also on INSTAGRAM.

Phantom 2040 Archive can be found HERE