Phantom Prints By Sy Barry

In an email sent by Dudley Hogarth, we’re notified of an upcoming listing on the Frew Publications website, in the form of Sy Barry prints featuring the Phantom.

In the email, Dudley provides us with a preview of 4 prints illustrated by Sy Barry, due to be listed on Saturday the 1st of October 2022, at 10am EST.

The prints will be signed by Sy Barry, measuring 33cm x 45cm in full color.

The message found in Dudley’s email reads:

Only a few available! They will go live online at 10am Eastern Standard time Sat 1st October. If you are interested click Sy Barry print link under posters on navigation bar or follow link from this email just before 10am. I hope this will give you time to be there when the shop opens tomorrow! Good luck, its going to be the quick and the not so quick missed out!

This magnificent signed print was personally hand signed subsequently by the greatest American Phantom artist of our times…. Sy Barry!

Not one, but two signatures! If you want one of these, don’t hesitate as the stock is extremely limited! Expect it to sell out while you are thinking about it.! Seriously collectable, for the serious collector who can see the value in a Sy Barry print signed by the masters hand. I’m not selling fear of missing out intentionally, we just don’t have many!

The 4 prints shared by Dudley can be seen above and below.

Also found in the email is a link to the Frew Publications page which will feature the Sy Barry prints. You can click on the link HERE At time of writing, the prints haven’t yet been listed, due for release on the website on Saturday the 1st of October 2022, at 10am EST (tomorrow for those located in Australia).