El Hombre Enmascarado #15 By Dolmen Editorial

Dolmen Editorial, based in Spain, has announced the next edition of its El Hombre Enmascarado album series.

Edition number 15 in the series will contain daily newspaper strip stories initially published from 1972 thru till 1974. Stories are written by Lee Falk and illustrated by Sy Barry.

The black and white hardcover album will contain 208 pages in landscape format and measure 28cm x 21cm. Text within the album is published in Spanish.

The front cover can be seen above, with the cover image illustrated by Sy Barry taken from a comic strip panel. We also see the title, El Hombre Enmascarado The Curse of the Sacred Image’ on the front cover, a daily Phantom story first appearing in newspapers in 1974.

The description found on Dolmen Editorial’s website reads:

The Jungle of the Masked Man is both modern and ancient. To the struggle between technology and superstition, the increasingly recurring incursions into fields that are immersed in fantasy are added.

Keeper of peace, the Phantom faces an oppressive giant, suspects one of the Jungle Patrol recruits, faces a plague of vampires, is harassed by a capricious princess against whom he does not know how to react, and desperately search for the lucky idol of the llongo tribe in an adventure reminiscent of the classic story of the monkey’s paw.

A sample of internal pages found within the album can be seen below.

El Hombre Enmascarado The Curse of the Sacred Image is due for release in October 2022.

More information is available on the Dolmen Editorial website, click HERE