Phantom Comic #2 By Zauberstern Comics

Zauberstern Comics, the Germany based publishing house, have announced the release of edition number 2 of their Phantom comic book series.

Due for release on the 10th of August 2022, edition number 2 will contain 100 pages, published in full color and will have 2 Phantom stories, a modern story, plus a classic Lee Falk newspaper story. The comic will contain German text.

This edition can be seen above, with the cover also informing us that a Poster is also provided with the comic. Cover art for the comic is by Timo Wuerz.

The modern story is titled, The Ghost And The Monster, a 6 part story, with the final 3 parts contained in this edition, carrying on from edition number 1 (released in June, 2022), written by Andrew Constant and illustrated by Giancarlo Caracuzzo with colors by Flavia Caracuzzo. This story appeared in Frew Publications Trade Paperback #2 earlier this year.

The second story is titled, The Giant of No Man’s Land, a classic Lee Falk story, illustrated by George Olesen and inked by Fred Fredericks.

This edition of the Phantom comic won’t only be available via their online store, but also available for purchase in retail stores and news agencies throughout Germany.

If the quality and attention to detail seen in comic edition number 1 of this series is anything to go by, edition number 2 is set to be another nice comic, a job well done by the team at Zauberstern Comics. Certainly a comic series worth collecting!!!

Further information can been seen on Zauberstern Comics website HERE