The Phantom Omnibus by Mythos Editora

The Brazilian based Mythos Editora have announced the release of a new Phantom comic book, titled ‘O Fantasma Omnibus – Piratas Aereos & Outras Historias‘.

Translating to ‘The Phantom Omnibus – Airplane Pirates & Other Stories‘, the paperback will contain 576 pages and measure 17cm x 26cm, with black and white pages found within the comic book. Text will be printed in Portuguese.

The pre-sale advertisement on Mythos Editora’s website tells us that a variety of Phantom stories will be published within the book:

Mythos Editora is pleased to present a very special edition of Espírito-Que-Anda, bringing the adventures of the Man Who Cannot Die in chronological order. The Phantom Omnibus – Airplane Pirates & Other Stories contains 576 pages of the genesis of the Hero of Bangalla by the hands of the greats Lee Falk and Ray Moore, in a perfect edition to keep for generations the nearly 500 years of stories involving the Phantom and his ancestors!

The advertisement found on the Mythos Editora website tells us that the stories found within the book are written by Phantom creator Lee Falk, and comic strip artist Ray Moore.

The front cover of O Fantasma Omnibus – Piratas Aereos & Outras Historias can be seen above. Mythos Editora have released a few sample pages on their social feeds, as can be seen below.

Pre-Orders for the comic book are currently open, with estimated delivery due in August, 2022.

To read the full advertisement on the Mythos Editora website, click HERE