The Phantom In Fitness Mag

The Phantom makes an appearance in the June edition of Fitness Mag #109, a French based digital magazine.

Fitness Mag, which is a sport, fitness and body building free on-line digital magazine features a 2 page spread on the Phantom, on pages 28 and 29.

Written by Bernard Dato, the article is titled ‘Culturisme et Culture Pop‘, which translates to ‘Bodybuilding and Pop Culture‘. Bernard has written about linking the lineage between Mr. Olympia and the Phantom, whereby a mantle is constantly passed on from one to another.

Written in French text, the layout of the article are written in a similar format to a poem, which makes translation to English a little peculiar, regardless, the translation is as follows:

Kit, Kit Walker, in the jungle of Bengala, in the jungle invented by Lee Falk, Kit Walker, when you put on your vigilante tights, and your vigilante mask, so everyone is calling you, The Ghost Who Walks, everyone names you, “The Man Who Can’t Die”, because, Kit, Kit Walker, so many generations have seen you, but everyone ignores, that you are the 21st in a long line.

The Phantom, those who precede you and those who come, from father to son wear the same vigilante tights, and they are, one and the same “Phantom”, the Phantom by Lee Falk!

And I think of Larry Scott, and I think of “Big Ramy”, and between them I think of Sergio, and Brandon, and Arnold, and Shawn, and Franco, and Phil, and Frank, Jay, Dexter, Ronnie, Dorian, and all the others, all the others, like you, Kit, they all have the same name, they are all Mr. Olympia.

The Phantom and Mr. Olympia, the plural in the singular, diversity in unity, the all in the one… Parmenides and Heraclitus, the Phantom & Mr. Olympia, Parmenides and Heraclitus, the ancient thinkers before Socrates, you can believe me, Kit and Mr. Olympia, Parmenides and Heraclitus would appreciate

Let The Adventure Continue!

To read the full copy of Fitness Mag #109, click HERE