Le Fantome Hardcover Comic Book By Black & White

Available for pre-order on the France based Editions Black & White website, we find a new Phantom comic book titled, ‘Le Fantome by Jean-Yves Mitton’.

The comic book will contain 8 Phantom comic strip stories, all illustrated by Jean-Yves Mitton, a French cartoonist and screenwriter. The hardcover comic book contains 320 pages in a mix of color and black and white pages, measuring 24cm x 32cm. The titles of the Phantom stories found within the comic book can be seen below.

The 320 pages are broken down into 2 distinct sections:

  • 260 Pages – The 8 Phantom stories by Jean-Yves Mitton (created between 1989 and 1993).
  • 45 Pages – Color graphic notebook containing illustrations, a selection of original plates translated by Thierry Mornet and new lettering.

We also see details of where the 8 Phantom stories have appeared around the world.

The pre-sale advertisement on Editions Black & White website tells us that the comic book is limited to 800 copies. The first 400 of these copies which are purchased direct from the publisher receive a print featuring an unpublished illustration, signed by Jean-Yves Mitton in A4 size.

The Le Fantome by Jean-Yves Mitton will also come in a custom storage box, with Editions Black & White giving us a preview of the art on the box.

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.

The advertisement notifies us that shipping of the comic book will commence on the 16th of June, 2022. To read/see more information on Le Fantome by Jean-Yves Mitton, click HERE