10 Unpublished Italian Phantom Stories In New Comic Book

Available for pre-order on the Brazilian based Mythos Editora website, we find a new Phantom comic book titled, ‘Grandes Aventuras Do Fantasma’.

The comic book will contain 10 unpublished Italian Phantom comic strip stories translated into Portuguese, across 356 pages measuring 17cm x 24.5cm.

The pre-sale advertisement on Mythos Editora’s website tells us that the works of various artists from Italy can be found within the comic book, including Gallieno Ferri, Senio Pratesi and Nanni Silvestrini.

We read the following description on the pre-sale advertisement:

MASQUERATED MAN: THE ITALIAN GHOST Created by the legendary Lee Falk in the late 1930s, and quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon, The Phantom didn’t take long to conquer the world and become a worldwide icon. To meet the demand, numerous publishers across the globe began creating their own Ghost-Who-Walks stories. One of them was the Italian Fratelli Spada, who created hundreds of comics with the Hero of Bangalla between the 1960s and 1970s. Now Mythos Editora proudly brings ten unpublished adventures developed in Italy, which helped to perpetuate the legend of… THE MAN WHO CANNOT DIE!

A sample of internal pages have appeared on Mythos Editora’s social feeds as can be seen below.

Cover art seen on the ‘Grandes Aventuras Do Fantasma’ is by Italian artist Mario Caria. The image was initially published on the cover of L’Uomo Mascherato ‘Avventure Americane’ series edition number 87 back in 1964 (seen below), by the Italian publishing house Fratelli Spada.

‘Grandes Aventuras Do Fantasma’ is now available for pre-order, with estimated release in July, 2022.

To read the full advertisement on the Mythos Editora website, click HERE