Would You Like To Appear In A Phantom Comic?

“Would you like to appear with your hero, in a Frew Phantom Comic?”. This is the question Dudley Hogarth, publisher at Frew Publications has asked Phantom fans.

In an email sent today by Dudley to it’s comic book subscribers, Frew Publications are giving fans the opportunity to appear in a Phantom story.

In Dudley’s email, he notifies us…

Yes there is, and it has your name and face all over it, for all to see… Some collectors have already shown enthusiasm for the idea of appearing in a new Phantom story, so we are calling for further expressions of interest & pledges to kick this idea off and we will most likely, have to limit the number that we accept.

He goes on to say…

When we find an appropriate story to cast you as a walk on…that’s your moment to shine for all eternity, sitting side by side with the other classic Phantom stories in the Chronicles! All you have to do is let us know that you want your face and name in a Phantom story. Send us a good quality picture of your face front on and side profile, and of your full body front and profile, our talented artist will take care of the rest. The cost of this very rare insertion and collectable Phantom, priceless!!!

The cost for the privilege of appearing alongside the Phantom in a comic book published by Frew Publications is $700AUD.

As noted in Dudley’s email, payment would only apply if and when an appropriate opportunity arises, whereby you could easily be drawn into a Phantom comic. He also notes that it may be this year or next… perhaps the year after, as new stories take a long time.

If you’re interested in this unique initiative/opportunity by Frew Publications, Dudley has requested that you email him directly on dudley@frewpublications.com.au