New Phantom Comic By Zauberstern Comics

Zauberstern Comics, a publishing house based in Germany, have announced a release date for the debut edition of their Phantom comic series.

Due for release on the 8th of June 2022, edition number 1 contains 100 pages, published in full color and will contain 2 Phantom stories, a newly released story, plus a classic newspaper story.

This edition can be seen above, with the cover also informing us that a Poster is also provided with the comic.

The newly released story is titled, The Ghost And The Monster, a 6 part story, with the first 3 parts contained in this number 1 edition, written by Andrew Constant and illustrated by Giancarlo Caracuzzo. This story appeared in Frew Publications Trade Paperback #2 earlier this year. The story is described by Zauberstern Comics as, “The Phantom meets another classic character in this stunning six-part set: Frankenstein’s Monster!

The second story is titled, The Secret Of The Fishman, a classic Lee Falk story, described by Zauberstern Comics as, “The Phantom must rush to the aid of his friends, the Mori Fishermen, who are being threatened by strange, human-like fish creatures from the depths of the ocean.

This edition of the Phantom comic won’t only be available via their online store, but also available for purchase in retail stores and news agencies throughout Germany.

Further information can been seen on Zauberstern Comics website HERE

Also found on Zauberstern Comics website is a Phantom comic book Subscription.

The Subscription encompasses 6 Phantom comics, with Zauberstern Comics informing us that new Phantom comics will be released once every 2 months, a total of 6 comics for the year, containing 100 pages each comic in full color.

It also gives us a sneak peak as to what future Phantom comic covers by Zauberstern Comics will look like. Below we see the image as it appears on their websites Subscription page.

Further information can been seen on Zauberstern Comics website HERE