Phantom Trade Paperback By Regal Publishers

Regal Publishers, based in India, have announced the release of their first Phantom Trade Paperback comic book.

Titled ‘The Phantom: Terror of The Python – The Chatu Saga’, the Trade Paperback will contain 256 gloss finished pages in full color. We’ll find 9 Phantom stories written by Tony DePaul and illustrated by Graham Nolan and the late Paul Ryan within the book, with cover art by Ankit Mitra. Text within the book will be published in English.

On Regal Publishers social platforms, they describe the stories found within the Trade Paperback:

The Phantom faces his most vile adversary yet – Chatu, aka ‘The Python’, who has sworn to make the Phantom’s life a living hell! Terrorist Infiltration! Suicide bombings! Conspiracies to wield Ebola as a biological weapon! The Ghost Who Walks is stretched to his limits as Chatu plots one catastrophe after another — all the while focused on his ultimate act to break down the Phantom — The Death of Diana Palmer-Walker!

Additionally, we’re also notified by Regal Publishers that the book will not only contain Phantom comic strip stories, but also:

Bonus behind the scenes interview with writer Tony DePaul, and a touching tribute to late artist Paul Ryan by Duncan Munro.

‘The Phantom: Terror of The Python – The Chatu Saga’ will be the first time we see Regal Publishers present a Trade Paperback to Phantom fans, due for release on the 10th of May, 2022.

They follow in the footsteps of Frew Publications in Australia who also release Phantom Trade Paperback books (and have been doing so for several year now), with a featured central theme or storyline running throughout the book. These books are highly anticipated and desired by Phantom fans, not only for their content, but also for the high quality of the publication produced by the publisher.

It’s obvious that Regal Publishers see a need for such a publications in their local market of India, and they should be congratulated for going above and beyond in what looks like an amazing Trade Paperback book.

Further information is available on Regal Publishers website HERE