DC Phantom Comic’s Volume 3 By Hermes Press

Hermes Press have announced that the third volume in their DC Phantom comics series is now available for pre-order.

Titled ‘The Phantom – The Complete DC Comic’s Volume Three‘, the hardcover book is the third and final book in the series, with the first volume released in May 2021 and the second volume released in October 2021.

Below we see all three volumes, including the newly announced volume 3 on the right.

Volume 3 will contain reprints of the second series of DC Phantom comics, editions 9 through to 13, which were released in the USA in 1989 containing 13 editions. The series was originally published in full color on gloss pages.

Interestingly, Hermes Press have decided to publish their hardcover book with the cover containing the image which originally appeared on the cover of edition number 13 back in 1989.

The Phantom comic covers of the original series released by DC back in 1989 can be seen below.

Measuring 11.75 x 8.25 inches, the hardcover book will contain 224 pages in full color.

As seen with the first 2 volume’s, additional material is found within the book, above and beyond just the reprint of the comic strips, including introductory essay and extra art.

Pre-orders are currently open for this new edition on the Hermes Press website, with a delivery date of 2022 currently being provided.

The Phantom – The Complete DC Comic’s Volume Three can be found HERE