Crônicas do Fantasma #7 By Mythos Editora

Crônicas do Fantasma #7, published by Mythos Editora in Brazil, is now available for PRE-ORDER.

We saw the first edition in this series released by Mythos Editora back in 2019, with an edition being released sporadically since then. This seventh edition is noted as being released this month (September, 2021) on Mythos Editora’s website.

We also see the title on the front cover ‘Diana… Cacando o Fantasma?’ We find 3 stories within:

  • Fishers of Pearls (by Lee Falk and Ray Moore)
  • The Golden Princess (by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy)
  • King of Beasts (by Lee Falk and Ray Moore)

The comic strips are translated to Portuguese from English, containing 100 pages in black and white.

Mythos Editora give us a brief description of what we can expect to read within this edition…

Diana goes to the jungle after the Phantom, after her mother sent a letter impersonating her and ending the romance. However, due to a misfortune of fate, the Ghost-Who-Walks ends up thinking that she has married a terrible bandit who is ravaging the jungle and finds himself powerless to act. What’s more: the Phantom and Diana must find a girl kidnapped when she was just a baby and also face a strange thief who carries out his assaults through trained beasts!

This seventh edition in the series, produced by Mythos Editora, looks to be another beautiful comic book in their ongoing stable of Phantom publications.