The Phantom Cover Artist Aslan Şükür

Aslan Şükür, renowned Turkish comic cover artist is featured in Sabah’s article titled Comic Heroes Wrote The Book Of Youth written by Goksan Goktas published today.

Aslan Şükür

Aslan continues to be recognized and receive accolades for his large body of work across various comic book characters, including the Phantom (or Kızılmaske as he’s known in Turkey).

Goksan rightly commences his article with:

We are familiar with many cartoon heroes who came into our lives in the early 1970s with their cover pictures. The painter Aslan, called the ‘master of covers’ by the comics community...

Aslan interestingly notes:

It started in 1971 and lasted for about 25 years. Comics could be found everywhere from neighborhood grocery stores to summer areas, and lasted until the end of the 1980s.

Yes, the covers were very lively, that’s what I wanted.

Today, comic book covers illustrated by Aslan are highly sought after and collected by fans worldwide. Aslan notes in the article that he continues to receive requests from fans, for commissions of various comic book characters he worked on:

Maybe the rush of comics of the 70s and 80s passed, but those who wanted to experience the nostalgia of that period, collectors still did not let go of this business. The original covers that I used to draw and give to the publishing house have already been sold online, at very good prices. Most of them were out of my hands. I also draw cartoon characters in line with recent requests.

Head over to Sabah’s website to read Comic Heroes Wrote The Book Of Youth in full.